Nonprofit Revenue Recognition

Nonprofit revenue recognition simplified with Sage Intacct

Streamline ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606 compliance for nonprofits with Sage Intacct revenue recognition. Save time and minimize errors for hassle-free audits.
Save time with automated revenue recognition. Save time and avoid manual calculations in external spreadsheets that must be merged into your financial solution. Manage conditional contributions and grants based on milestones. Manage installment-based transactions across year-end with automated revenue recognition schedules. Manage event-based recognition.
Reduce errors with consistent treatment. Utilize Sage Intacct Nonprofit Revenue Recognition, alongside Sage Intacct Grants Tracking and Billing, to automate reimbursement requests and billing processes for funding sources. Enable consistent treatment and classification of revenue by source. Systematically track barriers and conditions as well as progress on delivery. Select the best revenue recognition method for each revenue stream.
Centralize revenue calculations in one system. Showcase compliance effortlessly, enabling you to concentrate on your mission. Eliminate the need to search spreadsheets to understand deferred revenue timing. Get on-demand insights into conditions and their delivery statuses. Streamline audits with documented revenue schedules just a click away.
Over the years, our nonprofit accounting firm has forged partnerships with countless nonprofit organizations, granting us an authentic insight into the distinct challenges they encounter. Our team of nonprofit accounting specialists excels in safeguarding your organization's tax-exempt status, meticulously tracking your funding, and ensuring unwavering compliance with the constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

We relish the opportunity to help you leverage your finances to make the biggest possible impact utilizing Sage Intacct's nonprofit accounting software.

We kick off every relationship with a Client Assessment – helping us understand your organization’s unique needs.


Gain Complete Confidence in Your Accounting

Your organization’s team should be focusing their time on what matters most – achieving your mission. That’s why we provide nonprofits with accurate data and transparent communication you can trust. With regular meetings to discuss your organization’s financial health, you’ll be confident that your organization is compliant, accountable and strategically utilizing your financial resources.

Individual Approach

We take an individual approach to each and every client, taking the time to thoroughly understand your problems, needs and goals. The result? Customized strategy and solutions that set your organization on a path to success.

Exceptional Customer Service

As an extension of your team, we are available when you need us. Always accurate, professional and on time, we are dedicated to helping everyone harness the power of their numbers to reach their true potential.

Team Of Industry-Leading Professionals

We are a reliable team of experts with decades of experience in business and nonprofit accounting. Our Nonprofit CPA’s are fully certified and regularly pursue professional education opportunities that keep their fingers on the pulse of accounting trends.

Hear From Some of Our Happy Clients

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve proudly partnered with several nonprofits and businesses to enhance their accounting processes, understand their numbers and reach their financial goals.
“Working with JFW Accounting Services has given NCHV the tools and guidance we have needed to improve our accounting processes and offer better accountability to our board and donors regarding our finances. It is rare to find an accountant you truly enjoy working with, but Jo-Anne and her team have become a trusted partners in our organization’s success. Her promptness, wise guidance on the implementation of accounting principles, and attention to detail have provided me with better insights into my organization’s financial picture, improving my ability to lead the organization with sustainability in mind.”
“JFW Accounting Services is an important part of my organization’s success. Jo-Anne is responsive, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. We consider her part of the team and are grateful for her support! “
“We have worked with Jo-Anne Williams-Barnes for over five years and can say unequivocally that she has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Her deep experience, accounting expertise, and general know-how has significantly benefited us. She oversees all aspects of our finances, including our annual audit and tax filings and we would be lost without her. She has a wonderful attitude, is an absolute delight to work with, I highly, highly recommend her!”

We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals!